Brandnames & taglines

Een kleine greep uit de vele merk-, product- en bedrijfsnamen die ik de laatste 15 jaar ontwikkeld heb. Klik de thumbnails aan voor een groter beeld.



BRANDNEWBRANDNAMES  limited reference list



Eur'Elan savings account (former Paribas-Artesia Banking Corp.)


Shampoux treatment against head lice - Belgium (Qualiphar) 


Megatone vitamin products (Qualiphar nv)


Labivir fever blister cure  (Euralliance-Farma) 


Resistain stain resistant textile fibers - Europe  (Berry Yarns)


PrimaBella bio meat – Belgium


Orphelia jewellery and watches 


Clip youth bank account  (former Bank van Roeselare)


Anno '02 West-Flanders  cultural project in 2002 


Trism tricolour textile yarn (Berry Yarns)


Pasta Prego deep-frozen pastas (Crops nv)


Westoria Interactive museum of the Westhoek, Flanders


Euventis financial services


Apura baby milk


MicroBloom Flower scented carpet treatment


Prétexte ladies footwear (TBS-vyllar)


Parko parking authority, city of Kortrijk, Flanders


Casalis interior decorating, home textiles


Freeply free phone number for info via e-mail


MilleNotte bedding textiles


Nunca! fashionable ladies footwear – Europe (Lucio nv)


Synerco industrial energy provider


Ring'O' lifestyle magazine for Ring Shopping Center 


Kenzai fitness- & healthcenter


Cuisin'Easy quality label pre-cooked vegetables


Squ'ad creative hot shop - Belgium  


VitaLight poultry meat by Volys Star Belgium


eoSun medical light therapy treatment


MetaPharma pharmaceutical company


GoTemp ! temporary labour services (Spain)


Sonicpin akoestische spouwhaak Wienerberger  


Upstream com advertising agency


Triamant sustainable housing project


Bockor BLAUW export beer


MémoMur writeable & washable wall paneling


PanoRoomic seamless wall paneling


Youniwall seamless wall paneling


IsoFinish exterior wall finishing & insulation


Tiki leather bags & accessories


Fairplace sustainable toys


Luvit Luxury Vinyl Tiles


Znoooz new bedding & sleeping retail concept


Ama!ze ecological carpet made from maize fiber


Evola decorative board - wall panels


Glow exterior wall finishing - insulation


MixMax carpet tiles


TwoCents PR & communication agency


TouchDown a soft & resilient carpet collection


Torix aluminium doors


Kinlys pet food & supplies


Treenity sustainable housing project


Eydol video walls


L-Ments building panels